Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

Hilarie Gamm has been interviewed by over 50 radio hosts across the U.S. Here is a sampling of some of those interviews:

Fantastic, timely and relevant. Hilarie Gamm and Kevin Lynn, director of U.S. Tech Workers, get together to talk about the impact of visas on jobs and national security. This is one great conversation you won’t want to miss!

On Air with David Lile, the author of Billions Lost talks about American education and the foundation of technological literacy.

Hilarie Gamm spoke with Christina Nitschmann, host of Savvy Business Radio, about “Billions Lost” and the predicament that Americans are not being hired for technology jobs within our own shores. Listen to this riveting interview via this link.

The Provocative Enlightenment Radio Show with Eldon Taylor interviewed Hilarie Gamm. Informative, enlightening and relevant, Eldon Taylor rocks the interview with Hilarie. You can listen to the phenomenal interview here.

Hilarie Gamm discusses how Americans as individuals can protect their identity why the offshoring of jobs places our data at risk. Listen to the live podcast from WDUN Radio.
WDUN Live Podcast

Listen below to the WMT Morning Show in which Hilarie addresses the topic, “Is There A Positive Role Tech Can Play With Our Kids?”
Air date: May 7, 2018

Hilarie Gamm joined Gary Rivers to talk about the Google walkout (November 1, 2018) as well as other employment related issues affecting the country.