Hilarie Goes On Air with Gary Rivers


Hilarie went on air with Gary Rivers of NewsTalk 1480 WHBC in Ohio on May 1st.  A lot of ground was covered. Gary asked riveting questions about confusing messages coming from the media including:

  • What’s being done in Washington to communicate the jobs leaving the U.S.?
  • Why are data must stay laws so important?
  • How are American men and women over age 40 being pushed out of their jobs and forced to train their foreign replacements? 

Hilarie provided the facts that the media wants to ignore about the above issues. When data leaves the U.S., the jobs follow. Hilarie talked about the importance of data must-stay laws and why it’s critical to keep tech jobs and data in the U.S. to spur innovation.

Hilaire responded to Gary’s queries on the progress in Washington. Hilaire talked about the need to have listeners contact her directly to enable conversations with constituents, Congressmen, and Senators. She also spoke about her recent blogs and encouraged listeners to contact the White House and tell the current administration to enforce the Buy American/Hire American Executive Order of 2017 and focus on HIRING AMERICAN!

Additionally, she spoke of the trickle down effect from these issue that affect American children and how many are losing spots at our best universities. Hilarie spoke about the California parents who have created a website to provide the facts of this important issue. This includes how foreign students monopolize U.S. STEM education and push American college graduates out of jobs through OPT (Optional Practical Training).

Hilarie also had the recent honor and privilege of being invited to Washington D.C. to provide details of our workforce situation. She shared her platform with knowledgeable advocates for the American workers including Sarah Blackwell, the attorney who represented the Disney tech workers, Ron Hira, professor, and Kevin Lynn, Director of U.S. Tech Workers.

Rounding out the fantastic on-air chat was a caller by the name of “Sharon” who expressed her gratitude for Hilarie’s comments about the need to focus on American men and advocate for their success, with the statement: “I am tired of those who believe you have to put down men to raise women up.”

Check out this interview and contact Hilarie today! You can make a difference. Your voice is important. Hilaire needs your help to educate our leaders in D.C. and advocate for a better tomorrow for American children and American workers. Contact her today at hilariegamm@gmail.com!

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