Arizona Congressman Gosar Introducing Legislation to Close OPT Loophole

Optional Practical Training  – Shutting U.S. College Grads Out of Jobs

  • Rep. Gosar of Arizona is stepping up to End the Optical Practical Training (OPT) loophole with legislation and with a letter to President Trump requesting OPT be shut down by Executive Order

  • 2+  Billion U.S. Dollars are Lost Per Year to Social Security & Medicare- OPT workers and their employers are exempt from paying FICA taxes, robbing our country and our citizens of billions in contributions

  • OPT Increases National Security Risks and Enables Intellectual Property Theft

  • Less than 50% of American Grads end up employed in STEM careers, Americans  are being PASSED OVER

  • Women, Minorities and Millennials are hurt most by OPT – cheap foreign labor fills diversity buckets foregoing the need to employ a variety of U.S. citizens
  • OPT has grown 400% percent, OPT now displaces more Americans than the H1B  visa program
  • 276,500 Foreign Students worked on OPT in 2017

  • No restrictions or limit on the number of OPT work authorizations
  • OPT is Not Merit Based – F1 Students- Can work any job, Anywhere in U.S.
  • U.S. Universities advertise OPT Employment opportunities in conjunction with earning a degree
  • U.S. Attorneys on You Tube offer OPT and immigration advice

Not only have foreign workers been sought after for decades because of their willingness to work long hours for little pay, but with OPT, the advantage of hiring a foreign worker over an American becomes even more attractive to employers.  In some instances, hard working Americans currently employed in research facilities at our nation’s best universities are pushed out of their good paying jobs (with health benefits) to be replaced by foreign OPT students willing to work for “free”.

American students and their families are often incurring massive college debt to earn a STEM degree with the expectation of abundant employment opportunities upon graduation.  The reality is that less than 50% of U.S. citizen graduates who study STEM  end up working in a STEM career today.  American grads and experienced professionals have become 2nd class citizens in their own country when it comes to employment.

The media tells of Millennials unable to get ahead, unwilling to get married, or buy homes and have children because of their piles of college debt and the dearth of good paying jobs.  By design, main stream media will not connect the dots on the root cause of the U.S. Millenials nightmare.  They have been forced to pay jacked up tuition by universities offering programs and facilities meant to attract the foreign student.  Rather than the domestic enabler to the U.S.  economy American Higher Ed once was, it is now a money making export – selling education to foreigners, and simultaneously selling out the American middle class.

Proponents of OPT perpetuate the myth that America is lacking in STEM talent.   The media reports that foreigners must be educated in the U.S. and then retained to work in the U.S. to enable  innovation, growth and prosperity.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Innovation is hampered when foreign labor, inexperienced, and unfamiliar with law, process, and protocol is employed on mass, as is happening today.  The United States educates creative thinkers, fosters risk taking, and encourages ingenuity.  Forty million Americans who should be working today have instead dropped out of the U.S. labor force, Wages continue to stagnate while millions of under-employed Americans move into retail and lower paying jobs as they are forced out of good paying careers.

Fifty years ago the United States Space Program safely landed the first man on the moon.  Over 400,000 U.S. citizen engineers made that happen.  Their children and grandchildren should have the same opportunities today to help America continue to achieve greatness.  Dignity through meaningful life’s work is the American dream that the U.S. Congress should insure is the right of every citizen.  Today Congress is failing the American people in this regard.

Congressman Gosar’s legislation to END  OPT would be the first step in putting American citizens first.

The idea that OPT is somehow bringing us the best and brightest from across the globe to grow our economy to new heights is a false narrative that benefits Big Tech, Corporate America and Global entities.  The lies need to stop.

The O visa, and the H1B visa are the legal immigration tools our nation should be utilizing to grant truly exceptional global talent the privilege of joining American citizens in working legally in the U.S.  The Optional Practical Training loophole needs to be closed, we need bold action in Washington D.C. to END OPT!

Here is how you can help:

  1. Please send a note to the White House – ask President Trump to END OPT by Executive Order

  1. Follow our Washington D.C. efforts on Twitter:
  2. Contact Your Local Media to write a story about OPT, refer them to this blog and this web site OR Write an OpEd in your local paper yourself – let your friends, neighbors and relatives know about the OPT loophole
  1. Ask your local radio station, newspaper or favorite T.V. show, to cover this story, they can contact: for information
  2. Call your Congressman’s office – ask them to join Rep. Gosar and co-sponsor the END OPT bill
  3. Hold Up an “END OPT” sign at the next Presidential Rally or Town Hall you attend

If we all work together  – we can create positive change – we can get Congress to pass legislation that will help Americans and we can make a difference!  Thank you!!!!

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