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George Noory and I discussed “OPT” and how American STEM college grads burdened with debt are being shut out of job opportunities with foreign graduates eyed as a more attractive option to U.S. employers. Already, F1 visas provide millions of foreign students access to our best Higher Education facilities, often displacing American candidates from acceptance. Adding insult to injury is OPT, which robs American college graduates of job opportunities and their future! OPT must be STOPPED!

We also talked about the significant and steady decline of Women in STEM, specifically in Silicon Valley, and I explained how H4EAD, the visa given to spouses of H1B holders, is directly responsible for pushing so many American females out of STEM jobs today.

A bit of the history of the 1990’s Y2K scare was discussed and George spent some time reflecting on the many changes in human interaction that have occurred as a result of advances in technology.

I exposed the significant harm in allowing U.S. data to flow freely across country borders, opening the door to cyber attacks, national security threats, and an ever increasing exodus of U.S. professional jobs. Sadly, in 25 years, things have gone from bad to worse.

To understand how foreign H1B and L1 holders working in the U.S. displace Americans, this 15-year-old news story tells it all:  WKMG CBS Orlando ‘Where did the jobs go?’

What started with American tech workers in the 1990s has grown to include American professionals of every kind causing the slide of so many Americans from a happy, middle class lifestyle to a struggling-to-survive, “working class” existence.

There are well over 45 million Americans between ages 18 and 65 who are NOT working TODAY, but could be. There is no need for foreign labor to fill American jobs. In fact, studies suggest that American High School graduates are more capable and better equipped to succeed in the majority of jobs held by foreign H1Bs in today’s U.S. economy than the foreign visa workers holding those jobs today.

American STEM workers of every age, race, and ethnicity are being systematically replaced by foreign labor both within the U.S. and outside the U.S., thus eliminating diversity in the work force and turning back time on any advances in employment rights achieved in the last century.

American women in technology jobs have been on the steady decline for more than 25 years. According to U.S. Census figures, close to 30% of all Silicon Valley programmers were female in 1990. Today, American women hold less than 5% of those same positions.

If Washington truly wants to see American women succeed in STEM careers, two things need to happen:
1. OPT and H4EAD must stop replacing female STEM professionals;
2. American Women in STEM should be given the flexibility to work part-time, receive full health benefits, the choice to work remotely, and to work on a flexible schedule.

American mothers will not encourage their daughters to pursue a career in STEM if they are systematically displaced and then replaced by foreign labor.

When Americans are employed, they reduce the strain on the federal government. Considering this, why does Washington not do more to ensure that Americans come first, in their own country, for education and jobs?

If Washington truly wants to see American men succeed, real change is needed.

Today, American males are at the lowest labor participation rate in the history of our great nation.

American men do not need to be put down in order to raise everyone else up. In fact, when American men do well, so do American women. It is time to stop scapegoating American men and return opportunity, promise, and hope to our nation’s fathers, grandfathers, uncles, husbands, brothers, and sons.

American men of every race are being SHUT OUT of STEM jobs at age 40. The U.S. has over 1 million American engineers educated at our nation’s best universities who have worked in the defense industry, telecommunications industry, and the manufacturing sector. Yet, THEY ARE NOT WORKING TODAY and THEY SHOULD BE WORKING!

Rather than continue to exclude Americans from job opportunities through foreign recruiters, government entities, corporations, and educational institutions should be directly recruiting Americans using graduation records from 40, 30, and 20 years ago to recruit Americans TODAY! This would return intelligent, hardworking, educated, and capable Americans back to the employment roles.

If Washington legislators truly want to see the economy thrive, the deficit decline, a diverse workforce, an educated and high skilled population, more citizens enrolled in employer based health coverage, and equal opportunity for  EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN TO SUCCEED, We need o employ AMERICAN CITIZENS in America.

You have the power to make this happen!  This Memorial Day weekend  – please take a few minutes and join me in fighting for the future of American citizens and the pursuit of the American Dream!


Contact the White House!
Send President Trump an e-mail. It’s easy; here’s the link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Tell the President to:

  1. End OPT by Executive Order and Give jobs back to American college grads;
  2. Limit F1 visas and give American college scholarships and slots back to American children;
  3. End H4EAD and enforce the April 2017 Buy American & Hire American EO;
  4. Remove Dual Intent from the H1B Visa;
  5. Create Data Must Stay Laws and Keep our Data and our Jobs in the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!;
  6. Invite Hilarie Gamm and U.S. Citizens to the White House to provide the FACTS

Contact Congress!
Call or email  your Congressmen and Senators. Relay the above list to them.
Senate Link: https://www.senate.gov/senators/index.htm
Congressional Link: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

  1. Pass legislation to End OPT by Executive Order and Give jobs back to American college grads;
  2. Pass legislation to Limit F1 visas and give American college scholarships and slots back to American children;
  3. Pass legislation to End H4EAD and enforce the April 2017 Buy American & Hire American EO;
  4. Pass legislation to Remove Dual Intent from the H1B Visa;
  5. Pass legislation to Create Data Must Stay Laws and Keep our Data and our Jobs in the U.S.!!!!!!!;
  6. Contact AWC at amworkco@gmail.com for the FACTS

Contact the Media!
Get in touch with your local radio station, write an OpEd in your local paper, contact your local TV station, talk to your local, elected officials and tell them to start covering this story. Tell them American hardship, American sorrow, American debt, American burden, and the future of American citizens deserves their coverage. Show them this blog post, direct them to this website, give them the facts, and ask them to reach out to hilariegamm@gmail.com to get this story covered!


Volunteer with AWC!

You can get in touch with me and join the organization I co-founded to bring fact-based dialogue to Washington D.C. You can track our progress in speaking to D.C. legislators by following our twitter link: https://twitter.com/amworkco

Please send us an e-mail to amworkco@gmail.com and

let us know how many hours a week you can volunteer to help us. All you need is a computer, a phone, and the desire to help every American citizen realize the American dream!

Forward out this blog post to your Friends, Neighbors and Relatives…..they can watch the video – they can read this post – and they will understand that today – American Children, American Graduates and American Professionals have become 2nd class citizens in their own nation, NOW is the time for Americans to stand up for Americans!


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