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AmWorkCo – DeBunking the STEM Shortage Myth

Some main stream media, lobbyists, and billionaires continue to perpetuate the myth that there is a shortage of qualified, educated, available STEM workers in the U.S.

American Workers Coalition has created an anonymous fact gathering tool to bust this myth once and for all.  We need as many American citizens to fill out the form today!  The information will be used to further AmWorkCo’s effort to put Americans FIRST for jobs and education.  Click below to access the form. 

Barbara Birch – Hilarie Gamm – Marie Larson

Mothers.  Advocates.  Patriots.
Technologists.  Leaders. Influencers. Believers that together we can make a difference.


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Industry insider, veteran executive, and working mom Hilarie Gamm pulls the curtain back on American technology jobs and education in her groundbreaking work, Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and the Road Map to Change.  Learn the facts around the destruction of U.S. Tech and the importance of hiring American and keeping American data in the U.S.

Contact Info

Contact Barbara, Hilarie and Marie at info@AmWorkCo.com

Barbara, Hilarie and Mare are building alliances and easing the connection between American citizens wanting a better future for their country and D.C. legislators un-familiar with the facts.

Join these Moms in advocating for American citizens,  YOUR help is needed to make a difference in D.C.  – Please send an e-mail to info@AmworkCo.com today!  Follow AmWorkCo on Twitter to get the latest updates!

American Workers Coaltion Congressional Outreach

Hilarie Gamm, the author of Billions Lost:  The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change, co-founded AWC – American Workers Coalition in 2019 with fellow moms – Barbara Birch and Marie Larson –  to educate U.S. legislators regarding the facts around U.S. STEM Education and Employment and the devastating effects of off-shoring, outsourcing, and the lack of data must stay laws.  AmWorkCo is leading the non-partisan fight to put Americans FIRST for jobs and education and winning!

Barbara, Hilarie and Marie and their network of advocates are arranging meetings and speaking directly to Congress.  AmWorkCo makes it easy for you to spend minimal time to produce maximum results.  Please consider spending a few minutes per week joining AWC  in working towards a better tomorrow for every American citizen.


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